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Launch of 2.0 website
January '11
innoXplore proudly presents it's second website. Besides a strong CMS feature, our new website also offers eCommerce functionality. Enabling innoXplore to serve territories which are not yet covered by a local Distributor. Retailes can retrieve all necessary information to adding innoXplore products to their own systems.

EU HUB consignment agreement
November '10
innoXplore signs an agreement to consign stock to a EU HUB. In order to cover the whole of Europe with innoXplore products. EU Retailers can be supplied from our EU stock. As well as European end user orders which are placed at This is the fastest and most efficient way to spread innoXplore brandname accross new territories.





Move to popular Mobile devices Acc.
October '10
innoXplore Product Management team decides to further expand it's product range to popular Mobile devices accessories. The first step will be to introduce Apple related Novelty accessories.
Within innoXplore Apple Accessories product range a series of accessories will be introduced for bringing more convenience to the daily usage of Apple products, like iPhone, iPAD, iPOD. Please visit our website regularly to get updated about our latest and upcoming accessory products.

innoXplore incorporates Social Media - Twitter and Facebook
November '10
By means of these Socal Media innoXplore can immediately update the Consumer market and its customer base of  Distributors and Retailers with the latest product news. From now on the latest product news and new innovative gadgets will be announced via these Social Media. Click on the above Twitter and Facebook logo's and add us today!



Introduction of worlds first scalable PhotoTagging device.
February '09
Based on the latest PhotoTagging technology, storing sheer unlimited Geo data onto an SD Card. This scalable GPS PhotoTagging device brings hassle free PhotoTagging to every one.
Simply plug iX-G25 into your PC and iX-G25 will be recognized as a removable mass storage device.

innoXplore enters Consumer Electronics market - GPS Location TrackBack products
January '09
innoXplore proudly announces the introduction to enter the Consumer Electronics market with GPS Location TrackBack products. There will be 2 SKU's available: iX-G76 with LED Direction Pointing and iX-G78 which is equiped with an advanced LCD display. Both products feature a powerful TrackBack function to locations which are last stored.